Celo Public Goods Funding

On this page, you will find an introduction to Celo Public Goods and guidelines on how to apply for funding.

What are Celo Public Goods

Public goods are those that are available to all ("nonexcludable"), and that can be enjoyed over and over again by anyone without diminishing the benefits they deliver to others ("nonrival"). The term "Public Goods" is used more loosely in the Web3 space than its traditional counterpart. In this context, the term is used to describe any project or initiative that contributes to the well-being of a community /ecosystem. As such, any initiative that generates long-term value for Celo can be considered a Celo Public Good. From the perspective of building a digital regenerative economy, as Celo articulates in its vision, the Celo Public Goods can be seen as the capital assets we aim to nurture to improve Celo's well-being. Examples of Celo Public Goods are educational resources, developer tools, governance frameworks, and incubation programs.

How are Celo Public Goods Funded?

Celo Public Goods are currently funded by a special allocation from the Celo Community Treasury. The existing Public Goods budget aims to fund Public Goods for the period between February 1st and July 20th, 2024, in accordance with the

CPG Stewards
, a group of community contributors and Public Goods experts streamline the Public Goods funding process by supporting with curation, communication, accounting and review of CPG applications. The current CPG budget is split between the following categories. The detailed overview of all CPG Proposal can be found in
Tracker: CPG Budget H1
. Funds are distributed on a rolling basis. Once a Category reaches its budget cap, no more proposals can be submitted.

Budget (overall)
Budget (remaining)
Regional DAOs
Budget for operating the Celo Regional DAOs that support growth and development in key geographic regions.
500,000 cUSD
44,150 cUSD
Celo Project Incubation
Budget for incubating new and existing projects on Celo.
325,000 cUSD + 100,000 CELO
0 cUSD + 0 CELO
Celo Grants and Requests For Proposals
Budget for running Celo-native grants and identifying and funding requests for proposals.
500,000 cUSD
157,000 cUSD
QF and RPGF Rounds
Budget for running Celo Quadric Funding rounds and a Retrospective Public Goods initiative on Gitcoin Grants stack on Celo in Q2 2024.
125,000 cUSD + 500,000 CELO
125,000 cUSD + 500,000 CELO

How to apply for H1 CPG Funding

You can submit a proposal for H1 CPG Funding from February 16th to May 31st, 2024 via the


  1. Fill out the
    CPG Budget Proposal [Template]
  2. Open a new thread on the
    Celo Forum
    as a [DRAFT]
  3. Gather input and feedback from the Community, through the Forum and potential community calls.
  4. Once feedback has been incorporated and the forum thread has been up for at least 7 days, signal that you are ready to move your proposal to the Voting stage and update the title of your proposal to include [FINAL]
  5. If your account has over 10,000 Celo Votes in Snapshot, you can submit the proposal yourself; if not - you can request a Public Goods Steward (mail to stewards@celopg.eco) or Governance Guardian to submit the proposal for you after receiving their approval about the readiness of your proposal.

Voting Phase

All Celo Public Goods proposals will be voted on in the

based on the Celo Voting powered. Each vote takes 5 days. A minimum voting quorum of 2.5M CELO is utilized to validate the legitimacy of the proposals.

If a proposal receives a majority of NO votes: The proposal will be denied, and the budget will not be allocated to the project. If a proposal receives a majority of YES votes, The proposal is passed, and the budget will be granted according to the milestones and payment terms specific to the proposal. The Public Goods Stewards will contact the author within 48 hours after the proposal is passed to onboard them.


When can I apply for CPG Funding?

You can apply for funding between February 1st and May 31st, 2024. A complete overview of all phases and timelines can be found in


Who decides if my initiative gets funded?

The Celo voters, through the Celo Public Goods Snapshot, will vote on all of the CGP proposals. For more information on the governance process, check

What is the maximum funding amount I can request?

The maximum funding is equal to the remaining budget in the category you’re applying for. For example, if there is 150,000 cUSD left for Regional DAO funding, the maximum request is 150,000 cUSD.

Are there any specific requirements before submitting a proposal?

Everyone is welcome to submit an initiative, but it's important to clearly explain your proposal. Including examples of past work, traction and your past commitments to Celo will help stakeholders evaluate your proposal more easily.

How are payouts done?

Initiatives approved will receive funding based on the agreed payment terms in the Proposal from the Celo Public Goods Multisig.

How long can an initiative be maximally run for?

All milestones should be accomplished before the 20th of July, 2024. After this period, no more pay-outs will be made.