CPG Budget Proposal [Template]

This proposal template is subject to change and iteration. Applicants are encouraged to use the template, however, are free to modify it according to their preference. Last update 9 February 2024

Google Docs template

When filling out the proposal template, please keep the title and questions. You can use this template and convert it into a markdown.

[Draft] Category - Initiative title - Author 👈 Proposal Template in Docs

Optional: Please add to the submission on the forum also a link to the submission in a Google Doc and share it as a suggestion mode

Text version of the template

Author: Who is/are the leads of the proposal

Aligned Public Goods Bucket: Which pre-approved CPG category is this initiative driving forward?

Funding request: What resources are being requested?

Summary: Provide a brief summary of your proposal, how it supports the development of Celo, the timeline, and the key objectives that would be accomplished if the proposal is successful.

Motivation: Showcase why this specific proposal is able to support the well-being and growth of Celo, highlighting past initiatives or market developments that showcase the relevancy of this proposal. Metrics and KPIs: Which metrics and KPIs will the initiative be measured against?

Specification: A more detailed description of the proposal.

Current status: Does the offering (product/service) already exist or is the funding used to create it?

Timeline and milestones: Provide a detailed timeline or roadmap, including key milestones.

Payment Terms: How would the payment be distributed?

Team: Who are the people involved in the proposal? Please provide a brief background of the team members.

Additional support/resources: Are there any resources (non-financial) requested from the Celo Public Goods Stewards, such as testing, reviewing, or connecting you to specific stakeholders.

Examples of CPG Proposals